Retiring to a smaller farm a few short years ago, caused us to realize that time was running out for fulfilling a life long dream of owning and raising Rough Collies.  In Canada as a child almost every farm had one, and they where fondly called Scotch Collies.

Rose and Marie Stonehaven dog show

The search began for a show quality female, and after several months of searching we were finally able to purchase a lovely sable beauty from a well known breeder in England, now living in Wales.  Linda McCormick, supplied us with LYNMACK BED OF ROSES

We have working cattle dogs on the farm that are well aged and not expected to be with us for too many  more years.  It is our desire to introduce a few more Rough Collies as the space becomes available for them here on the farm.  It is shocking to see how few Rough Collies are being raised in their original home of Scotland, and we desire to help provide a source for people to purchase good breeding stock in the future.

We had no intentions of showing, but somehow got persuaded to at least show her once. Rosie was well behaved and pulled off a first against some fierce competition.  Although that is not our intentions, it was nice to see that others thought she was a good specimen.

Rosie has since had her first litter of puppies and they are all remaining in Scotland.  We have retained a daughter – Cowlair Scarlet Ribbon -.   We hope to encourage her to work cattle as she grows.

Scarlet Face 2

.                                      SCARLET



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