July, 2012 – Starburst Herefords sells entire Miniature Hereford Embryo Inventory

Malcolm & Leslie Gough of Chater Valley, Leicestershire, UK

Malcolm & Leslie Gough of Chater Valley, in Leicestershire, England have secured a substantial supply of top Starburst Ranch Miniature Hereford embryos representing almost 20 years of breeding and storing a wide variety of  bloodlines in the Miniature Hereford genetic pool.  This purchase  secures their position  in the UK market as a leading supplier of Miniature Herefords.  This embryo purchase comes on the heels of implanting  a previous number of Starburst embryos over the past few years and propels them well forward in their breeding program.  Although Starburst Herefords will breed a small number of Miniature Herefords in the UK by natural methods and still stocks a wide diversity of frozen semen, Chater Valley, will definitely be a major force in supplying the UK with these delightful animals, which can now be found in many countries around the world.  We wish you all the best in your endeavor.

May 1, 2012 – Starburst Herefords & Shorthorns Show Box

It was with great pleasure we received our new Starburst show box with a custom painting of our current Hereford and Shorthorn herd sires standing  in front of our beautiful valley that looks straight into the Cairngorms.   Mr. Harry McDougall of  Newby West, Carlisle was the skilled artist.  He is well known for his custom farm signs and show boxes.  In the off season, we have decided to give this treasure an honorable place in our home, front and center when you enter in for a visit.  Thank you Harry and Elizabeth for all your hard work in giving us beyond what we asked for. Visit Harry at   http://www.animal-signs.co.uk

Starburst Herefords and Shorthorns perfect rain

April 2, 2012 we awoke to find that we had a gentle rain all night long to wash our new lush green grass and to quench our thirsty seeded fields.  The drizzle continued throughout the day with little or no winds.  How perfect it was, and how thankful we are, as we had just completed our spring seeding (a month early).  Check out our Sale Barn for a sneak preview of one of our up and coming Sale bulls from our Pedigree Herefords.

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