Heifer calf born 28/03/2013
Sarburst 1 Holly 2nd 28/03/2013 offered with her mother
Here is a sneak preview of some of the quality animals we are offering for sale:
Starburst 1 Holly
Starburst 1 Holly 28/07/2010
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from the Starburst herd.


2012 at Starburst Herefords gave us much joy and delight, with calving, training, breeding, showing and just every day things that entertained us at Newton of Millfield farm.  Perhaps one of the most amusing things we thought you would enjoy, was watching our little Miniature Hereford bull announce his presence to not one, but two of our neighbors Pedigree Charolais bulls.  That is a double fence between them.  After much bellowing and snorting the Charolais bulls were sent on the run.  I do not think our mini bull noticed a little thing such as size difference.


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Miniature Herefords, bred by Andrew and Marie Bayliss of Starburst Herefords and Shorthorns, were displayed in a pen at the Turriff show, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland,  in August, 2012.   Mini Ginger and Mini Goldrush, as well as  their offspring,  Starburst Joker, who was born in Scotland in June, was introduced to the public at the Scottish National Hereford Show.  The local paper picked up the news and produced a picture of mother and son in a center fold of show highlights.  Joker made a real hit with the kids.  It is believed this is the first time Miniature Herefords have been on display, in the UK.   They are all registered with the Hereford Cattle Society and have proven to be very popular as people realize the multitude of  benefits of the smaller Hereford genetics and their ability to perform as efficient back yard beef producers on smaller holdings, while still having all the traits that made Herefords popular in the past.

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