Starburst Herefords and Shorthorn Surprise-Possible smallest cow ever

April 3, 2012  The gentle rain of yesterday continued to fall as snow all night long accumulating 4-6 inches by morning.  This incredible blanket protected all the fields and flowers at Newton of Millfield Farm from the unseasonable below zero temperatures.   Can you spot the cow in the midst of the spectacular snowfall?  It is possibly the smallest cow ever.  Possible prize for first responders to this post.

Starburst Herefords and Shorthorns perfect rain

April 2, 2012 we awoke to find that we had a gentle rain all night long to wash our new lush green grass and to quench our thirsty seeded fields.  The drizzle continued throughout the day with little or no winds.  How perfect it was, and how thankful we are, as we had just completed our spring seeding (a month early).  Check out our Sale Barn for a sneak preview of one of our up and coming Sale bulls from our Pedigree Herefords.

Scotland’s Starburst Herefords & Shorthorns finish seeding

Starburst Herefords & Shorthorns of Newton of Millfield Farm has now finished plowing, rock picking, harrowing, seeding and rolling the rolling hills of organic oats, barley, and grass fields of clover.  After a very dry spring, and a wonderful start to the 2012, we patiently await the glorious, life-giving spring rains.

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