2012 at Starburst Herefords gave us much joy and delight, with calving, training, breeding, showing and just every day things that entertained us at Newton of Millfield farm.  Perhaps one of the most amusing things we thought you would enjoy, was watching our little Miniature Hereford bull announce his presence to not one, but two of our neighbors Pedigree Charolais bulls.  That is a double fence between them.  After much bellowing and snorting the Charolais bulls were sent on the run.  I do not think our mini bull noticed a little thing such as size difference.

Starburst 1 Jazz, first pedigree Hereford calf of the year, set the bar high


This show stopper standard sized polled bull calf,  Starburst 1 Jazz is  from the Canadian bull RLOA Dynasty combining the bloodlines from his excellent mother (who gave us twin bull calves last year)  FS1 Gaylass 7th,  a Greenyard Archie son out of Doonbiddie Hustler.  He starts the season off, setting the bar high for the rest of the calf crop.

May 1, 2012 – Starburst Herefords & Shorthorns Show Box

It was with great pleasure we received our new Starburst show box with a custom painting of our current Hereford and Shorthorn herd sires standing  in front of our beautiful valley that looks straight into the Cairngorms.   Mr. Harry McDougall of  Newby West, Carlisle was the skilled artist.  He is well known for his custom farm signs and show boxes.  In the off season, we have decided to give this treasure an honorable place in our home, front and center when you enter in for a visit.  Thank you Harry and Elizabeth for all your hard work in giving us beyond what we asked for. Visit Harry at   http://www.animal-signs.co.uk

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