July, 2012 – Starburst Herefords sells entire Miniature Hereford Embryo Inventory

Malcolm & Leslie Gough of Chater Valley, Leicestershire, UK

Malcolm & Leslie Gough of Chater Valley, in Leicestershire, England have secured a substantial supply of top Starburst Ranch Miniature Hereford embryos representing almost 20 years of breeding and storing a wide variety of  bloodlines in the Miniature Hereford genetic pool.  This purchase  secures their position  in the UK market as a leading supplier of Miniature Herefords.  This embryo purchase comes on the heels of implanting  a previous number of Starburst embryos over the past few years and propels them well forward in their breeding program.  Although Starburst Herefords will breed a small number of Miniature Herefords in the UK by natural methods and still stocks a wide diversity of frozen semen, Chater Valley, will definitely be a major force in supplying the UK with these delightful animals, which can now be found in many countries around the world.  We wish you all the best in your endeavor.

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