First Miniature Hereford calf born from natural breeding arrives at Starburst Herefords, Scotland


June 28, 2012 10:00PM – Starburst Joker, a 34 pound perfectly marked Miniature Hereford bull arrived unassisted from a heifer mother, Mini Ginger, and bull Mini Goldrush.  This naturally bred calf was a first at Starburst Herefords, in Scotland UK.  Although breeding naturally in Canada since 1994, most Miniature Herefords in the UK, regardless of breeder, has been born from embryos obtained over the years from the Starburst breeding program in Canada.  This natural service baby is from the same well established breeding program, and one of the first Miniature Herefords in the UK to be born by natural service. Joker will be an ambassador of the breed, as he will be retained on farm to help introduce visitors to Miniature Herefords. 

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