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Welcome to Starburst Herefords

Starburst Herefords is in Scotland, UK, where we have recently downsized from an arable organic farm to a small retirement farm only 3 miles from the beautiful north sea coast of New Aberdour and 8 miles from the well known fishing port of  Fraserburgh with it’s stunning sand dunes,  and the very first lighthouse in Scotland, in Aberdeenshire.  We are about a 40 minute drive to the now famous Donald Trump golf course, just outside Aberdeen.

Cowlair,  houses our Pedigree herd of standard Polled Herefords, along side a much scaled down in size, commercial beef suckler herd predominently Shorthorn, Hereford crosses. We no longer have our Miniature Hereford cattle in Scotland or Canada, but we do maintain a large frozen semen bank of their genetics in Canada in a government approved facility.

We are a small herd, however, we are using a wide diversity of champion bloodlines from around the world to produce quality Herefords for herd improvement.

We have added a beautiful well bred Registered Rough Collie female to the mix. She is in active training as a cattle dog. We  have visions of raising pups to help promote the lovely kind gentle nature of this old established breed, and have selected a Champion Stud dog for her to be mated to.

Visitors are always welcome


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