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Welcome to Starburst Herefords

Starburst Herefords is in Scotland, UK, where we have recently downsized from an arable organic farm to a small retirement farm only three miles from the beautiful north sea coast of New Aberdour and 8 miles from the well known fishing port of  Fraserburgh with it’s stunning sand dunes, in Aberdeenshire.  We are about a 40 minute drive to the now famous Donald Trump golf course.  Cowlair,  houses our Pedigree herd of standard Polled Herefords, and our Miniature Herefords  (from our long established breeding program in Canada under the name of Starburst Ranch) along side a much scaled down in size commercial beef suckler herd.

Starburst Ranch in Alberta, Canada, still maintains a supply of Miniature Hereford frozen semen, cleared for EU/UK and several other countries, stored in a government approved facility there, and ready for discerning breeders in a worldwide marketplace. All the Starburst Miniature Hereford Cattle are registered with either the Hereford Society in the UK and/or Canadian Hereford Association in Canada.

We can fill both ends of the spectrum with exceptional Hereford bloodlines regardless of size.


                                  Hereford Society UK               Member # 7464

Canadian Hereford Society      Member # 8010385

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